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Do You Want To Be A Photographer Or A Storyteller

I started of like most of you as an analogue photographer but strictly hobbyist ,,,and never an iota of a thought about making money or having photography as my second source of income ,,
I was happy as a high end tailor or Darzi...
Once the digital era made its advent I had no option but to learn a bit of internet and photoshop , I paid Rs 4000 at that time but typed with one finger .I still type with one finger ,,
I came as a novice to Buzznet in 2005 and thus began my tryst with blogging as Photographer No1 ...I had to write a lot of description on my pictures as the huge audience was predominantly American .. but my grammar was horrid , I used large font and my earlier efforts at blogging were atrocious but in word form but not in the intensity of my images ,,,I shot the unseen India ,
Customs Rituals traditions Hinduism in its humility and glory , Sufi body piercing , Shiasm more of blood and self infliction known as pictures in retrospection were shock and awe ,,
I began shooting the transgender I began writing slam kind of rhyming poetry ,,,
It was at this time 2006 I cam to know the meaning of racism , racist attacks on me by white poets and hacking of my Shia blogs with nudity and porn images .
I finally moved to Flickr in 2007 I used Flickr as a blog platform only , blogging with pictures as original content .
It was in 2014 that after joining Ello .. I saw a change I met David Seibold I liked the way he added stories to his artistic pictures I got highly influenced by him... I began to start thinking as a storyteller and I began storytelling at Facebook..
I was certainly not happy telling a story in a single frame I had a huge repository of words ...wanting to come out from my system I decided to tell my stories through video...and in one year I shot over 1200 videos ,, till date 12 million views ...simple stories ,,
I just started editing a bit at You Tube ,,,and I started to become disembodied from the soul of my picture ,,, and thanks to David I dont have his gift of narration but I am trying to improve ,, and now to my new story of a crippled dreamer ..2 years of Modijis so called Progress and Development have not touched him yet ,,the second hand wheelchair is a gift from a good samaritan,,
I will shoot his video make him talk to me ,, he is the new Muslim beggar of Bandra Bazar Road.
Incomplete stories too come back to haunt me and a kind God sees that I get another golden chance to tell it to you again.
The blogger in me hung himself from a fan he is still hanging a tale .

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Shah-e-Mardan Sher-e-Yazdan Quwat-e-Parwardigar Lafata Ila Ali La Saif Ila Zulfiqar

Shah-e-Mardan Sher-e-Yazdan Quwat-e-Parwardigar Lafata Ila Ali La Saif Ila Zulfiqar, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

kabhii diivaar hiltii hai, kabhii dar kaaNp jaataa hai
Ali kaa naam sun kar ab bhii Khaibar kaaNp jaataa ha

baGhair hubb-e-Ali mudd’aa nahiiN miltaa
ibaadatoN kaa bhii hargiz silaa nahiiN miltaa
Khudaa ke bandoN suno Ghaur se Khudaa kii qasam
jise Ali nahiiN milte use Khudaa nahiiN miltaa

diid Haider kii ibaadat, hai ye farmaan-e-nabii
hai Ali ruuh-e-nabii, jism-e-nabii, jaan-e-nabii
gul-e-tathiir Ali
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dast-e-ilaa kyuuN na ho sher-e-Khudaa Ali
maqsuud har ataa hai shah-e-laa-fataa Ali
jis tarah ek zaat-e-Muhammad hai be-misaal
paidaa hu’aa na hogaa ko’ii duusraa Ali
“Bedam” yahii to paaNch haiN maqsuud-e-qaaynaat
Khairunnisaa, Hasan, Hussain, Mustafaa, Ali

Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

Ek Shahenshah Ne Banake Yeh Haseen Tajmahal Ham Gareebon Ki Mohabbat Ka Udaya Hai Mazak..

Ek Shahenshah Ne Banake Yeh Haseen Tajmahal Ham Gareebon Ki Mohabbat Ka Udaya Hai Mazak.., a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. The Taj Mahal is a subject of many Urdu poems and film songs, and much to my surprise, they're not all complimentary.

This is the standard line, from a very beautiful song written by Shakeel Badayuni:

"Ek Shahanshaah Ne Banavaa Ke Hasi.N Taajamahal
Saarii Duniyaa Ko Muhabbat Kii Nishaanii Dii Hai"

(In having the beautiful Taj Mahal built, an emperor has given the whole world a token of love"

Here is Sahir Ludhianvi's take:

Ek shahanshah ne bana ke haseen Taj Mahal, hum garibon ki mohabbat ka hai udaya mazak’

"In building the beautiful Taj Mahal, an emperor has made a joke of the love of us poor ones..."

Dargah of Hazrat Syed Ali Mira Datar Unava Gujrat

Dargah of Hazrat Syed Ali Mira Datar Unava Gujrat, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

HAZRAT SYED ALI MIRA DATAR'S GRANDFATHER(DADA SAAB) HAZRAT SYED ILLMUDDIN( R.A). SYED ILLMUDDIN CAME WITH HIS FATHER MOHHAMED DURAIN( R.A) FROM Bukhara, Uzbekistan to a village of Lukhnow (India). After demise of Ilmuddin's father he came to Ahmadabad of Gujrat where he met Kutbe Alam and that time the king of Ahmedabad was Ahmed Shah. Kutbe Alam was very much pleased on meeting Ilmuddin and he introduced him to King Ahmed Shah who letter recruitted him in his Army at post of Commander in Chief (sipesalar). Ilmuddin was a very pious man. He lead all his companion on the rightfull path of ALLAH the only One.
2) HAZRAT SYED ALI MIRA DATAR'S (R.A) FATHER(WALID SAAB) HAZRAT SYED DOST MOHAMMED( R.A). Dost Mohammed was very bold & brave man master of sword. King Ahmad Shah liked him very much as he also was a succcessfull warrior. He lived at KanpurWADI (AHMEDABAD) where a s…