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Mr Vikas Mohan and Me

On my recent visit to Ujjain Kumbh I payed at a few Temples for Vikas Mohan jis speedy recovery ,, I also placed a chaddar for him at the Dargah of Holy Saint Kwajah Garib Nawaz.
But what God gives God takes ,,,
Years back when he visited Siddi Vinayak with his producer friends on his way back from the Temple he would visit my workspace at Bandra ..his cherubic smiling face ,,but first he would offer me the Lords prasad ,
He wore white linen shirts crispy starched and soft white trousers ,,he loved sleeveless jackets with a colorful pocket hanky ,,
He loved good clothes but never would he go overboard with his sartorial simplicity ,,,if I ever had a problem I would take him into confidence as he was very close to all Bollywood producers directors and the fraternity ,,,
Despite his poor health he would sit hours in his office at Supercinema Clifton.. while I waited to meet him
At home he would give me a copy of Supercinma and though his sons were friendly with all the top designers wore branded clothes ..he would tell them to try me out ,,, they did ,, and I am humbled by this gesture ,,,
His wife Bhabiji made sure there was some sweet dish for me and I would eat a bit ..politely as I kept away from sweets because of my diabetes ,,than a nice cup of green tea,,,sometimes she would give me a box of chocolates for my grandchildren.
Mrs Vikas Mohan would insist I bring my wife and I did when I came to their beautiful house ,,,his children Anmol Anshul highly respectful as they knew my attachment to their doting father .
And this is a Bollywood where Religion takes a backseat , where divisive politics take a backseat ,,,Mr Vikas Mohan was a man above all thing a staunch Ganesha devotee ,,,I would make sure I tagged him in my Lalbagh Chya Raja pictures that I shot on the Press Day of the Lord ...
I told his children at the funeral you lost the head and heart of your family I too lost a great member of my family ,,,,
And I hope both his sons Anshul and Anmol carry on the heritage of their Father ,,, and I pray to God to give them spiritual strength to bear this tremendous irreparable loss.

Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them. George Eliot

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