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Carter Blues

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This was shot at noon yesterday from Mr Yusuf Lakdawalas bedroom balcony .
Normally I shoot Carter road sea front from his hall and as a person living in Bandra I have a lot of passionate memories of my grandchildren and Carter road and there are powerfully etched memories of my mentor late Mr Rajesh Khanna and his demolished dream of love Ashirwad..but the show must go on .
It's been over 3 months or more I have not been able to walk at Carter Road ..after my recent accident at Khamakhya my rigorous walks have completely stopped ..and the rest in bed with no work hit me the hardest .
I had a very busy day morning at Yusuf Bhais place than I got my hair colored came home showered rushed to Mr Suneel Darshan office to MHADA ..
Just across his bungalow is Mr Kapil Sharmas controversial bungalow and seated outside a bevy of cops and media vans pass by to take a byte.
I did not shoot it after my work got over with Shiv Darshan I headed to Mr KRKs office along the same road .
We had an appointment but Mr Kamal Khan was extremely busy so he has called me today .
I took a ricksha to Santa Cruz completed another work and than landed up at my haunt Bandra Talao to meet the ear cleaners
..I was meeting them after Bakra Eid I got Raju to clean my ears but I pay all three of them and this is simply because vthey all want to clean my ears I am their 65 year old poster boy and star attraction ..
Seeing me others line up with each of them .
I promised to get them lunch when I come here next .
When I am down depressed moody internally aggravated with my Fucked cosmic fate I come here listen to their woes and forget my own ..
What a contrast from Yusuf bhais sea facing classy house to the pond facing pigeon shittingbBandra Talao.
I walked home via Jain Mandir I completed another chore ...
My Dell needs urgent servicing but I have no time to go to their service center opp Amarsons Bandra Linking Road .
After sometime I will hit the tennis court ..this is the only physical activity and I have not yet checked my blood sugar ..since my accident .
I have to go meet Mr Kamal Khan again today ...and here I must add I had got a few coconuts as Prasad from the karyakartas of Lalbaugh Chya Raja I gave a few to Mrs Poonam Sinha and she felt blessed ..she is my fairy angel godmother and if I die two people who will visit me first are Yusuf Bhai and Mrs Shatrughan Sinha ...and honestly metaphorically I die every night and wake up to another day failing to redeem the poetry of my soul.
And I hope and pray my wife my sons give my body to medicine I want my overworked some parts of my body my fragmented creative brain my camera eyes my languishing broken heart my alcohol surviving liver my lethargic kidneys my thick skin to be part of some other beggars life story ..the beggars I shot prolifically the poor the homeless and the Hijras too.
I learnt to read the text book of life thanks to these beautiful people community ethnicity .
I refuse even as a Muslim the slumber in the Shia grave and I also refuse to cavort bed 72 honey trapped nubile angels in a Muslim heaven.
And the poor nubile angels ate damned getting Fucked by the second by Jehadi bombed body parts ..and Judy getting jumped no rest no replacement ..
I refuse the Muslim heaven if it has no place for my Hindu friends ..or my Christian Buddhist friends .
I will for once be happy to die as a heretic .
This is my last will and testament ..
I don't know I will miss this world but yes I will miss my granddaughter s Marziya Nerjis Zinnia ..I saw them I saw the world .
Now I have nothing left to see ..once I wrote prodigiously when I drank Old Monk now I write boosted by two cups of black tea .
Happy Morning to all of you in the perfumed garden of Pokes Tags called Facebook.
I asked my children after my death to delete all my Flickr Facebook Twitter accounts ..
I do no want to leave any traces of my Fucked journey of Life .
A Bientot ..See you soon .
This was for the trolls who love fucking my ass from time time to time more on Twitter than Facebook .
I will deactivate my Facebook before I leave for Moharam at Hyderabad my timeline will be gushing blood and gore. .
I think I will stick to Flickr and Twitter .
Will see you guys next year in 2017 .

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