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The Red Indian Finally Got Sold At The Antique Store For Rs 1200

 I was fascinated with this fibreglass statue of the Rd Indian since the day she arrived at Aslam Bhais Antique shop at Bandra Bazar Road .

There was some sadness I felt that connected me with her she was in bad shape her elbow broken and there was no effort in restoring her .

So she stood defiantly acing the vagaries of Mumbai weather the heat humidity ..outside the store and I was the only one hoping she would get a home with some film set designer ,but each time I met the owners son he said nobody wanted to buy her ,,

I tried to poeticize the pain of this warrior damsel.. the last of the Mohicans ,, I am saying this more as a metaphor .. the little bit I know about Tribal Red Indian culture was comic books that always showed them as villains and the holier than thou cowboys as heroes ,, and the land belonged to these early tribes driven into wilderness ,,

I hardly know anything about their sartorial ancestry ,, it was no taught in school.. but I always remembered those profoundly misplaced words a Good Indian is a dead Indian.

However I wont beat round the bush I met the owners son as I had not seen the Red Indian statue outside th shop because of heavy rains ,,it was stored in the attic but somebody having read my online rant bought it for Rs 1200.

I am happy for the Red Indian see was saved the misery and my photography ,, so thereby ends a tale

she waited
she waited
she waited
the weather
the  heat
 she hated
she wanted
to pierce the
dagger into
her heart
she contemplated
in alien surroundings
to be or not to be
she confusedly
debated ..
wary of a poets
love interest she
was scared to be
baited ..ill fated
my god is red ..
she was frustrated
he was an indian too
but to her ancestry
he was not related
every time he touched
the thunder of her cheeks
she felt violated
finally she has left the
bandra bazar road
antique shop finally
from vagaries of time
misery liberated
in some other planet
some other time ,,

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