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About Advocate Ashish Shelar Bandra MLA ..President Mumbai BJP

From Wikipedia

Ashish Shelar (born 3 October 1972) is an 13th Maharashtra Legislative Assembly represents Vandre West (Vidhan Sabha constituency).[1] He is a member of Bhartiya Janata Party and President[2] of Mumbai unit of the party.[3]

He was elected as Vice President of Mumbai Cricket Association, Mumbai on 17 June 2015.[4][5]

On 9 September 2015, Shelar gained controversy when he helped ban the sale of meat for 8 days for the annual Jain celebration, Paryushana, at which time a fast from meat is required.[6] Most constituencies in Maharashtra ban the sale of meat for only 4 days. The ban was criticized by the BJP's Maharashtra coalition partner, Shiv Sena.

Education and early career[edit]
Shelar attended B.Sc from Parle College in the year 1992, after which he completed a five-year law degree from G. J. Advani College, University of Mumbai.[7]

He was Originally a native from Sindhudurg district of Konkan, Ashish was born in chawl system dwelling of mile-workers area. Later in his childhood he shifted and settled in Bandra West with his parents and family. A people’s man since early age, Ashish joined RSS in school days and completed Prathamik Varsha course. He went on to join ABVP in college and successfully rose to the leading position of Mumbai Secretary of ABVP.[8]

Family and personal life[edit]
Ashish Shelar married with Pratima Dalvi. They have a son named Omkar. Pratima Shelar is Director of Opera Realtors Private Limited.[9]

Elected Mumbai Cricket Association member in June 2015.[10]
Chairman of Mumbai district football association representing Mumbai’s 350 football clubs.
Vice President of the Rajasthan Sports Club.
Social and cultural[edit]
President of Bandra Sarvajanik Samanvay Samiti
President of Kshatriya Gadkari Maharashtra Samaj – In this role, Ashish has organised book distribution, coaching camps for poor students, and health camps across Maharashtra.
General Secretary Akhil Maharashtra Karmachari Sangh – Ashish has helped build an 8500-member strong union in the unorganised sector.
Role in Spandan films production[edit]
Film on 26 July Mumbai floods which was selected for Goa film festival
Film on life of Guruji Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar on the eve of his 100th
Dead chimney a film which chronicled the changing topography due to the demise of Mumbai’s mills and subsequent hardships of the mill workers.
Currently working on a film on life of swami Vivekananda on eve of his 150th Answering his artistic and cultural moorings. * Marathi films - Chang bhale and Kajali Spandan arts instituted the Mohammad Rafi awards, in 2012 presented to Naushadji and Mr. Rafi this program was attended by Shri Lalkrishna Advaniji.
Political career[edit]
In 2002, Ashish was elected as a BMC corporator from Khar West Ward 77[11] and elected as Chairman of Mumbai Improvement Committee. He also played a key role in renovation of the Bhau Daji Lad museum, a vital archive of Mumbai’s rich historical and cultural heritage. As President of BJP’s North West Mumbai district, Ashish sharpened his organisational energies in building the party’s strength, and helped increase the party tally of BMC corporators. As a testament of his strong grassroot work, Ashish was re-elected to BMC with record margin of votes in 2007.<[12]

Working closely with then CM Vilasrao and Ashok Chavan, Ashish helped engineer implementation of development friendly policy in BKC zone Ashish was also elected to Mumbai metro regional planning commission an important body dealing with DP of MMR. Enthused by his work, Ashish was appointed as Governor of Mumbai Metro heritage society by MMRDA,[13] working alongside stalwarts like Shri. Arun Tikekar, Shri. Dinesh Afzalpurkar, Ashish represented the citizen’s voice in the formulation of heritage conversation policy.<[14]

On the International Fora, Ashish was selected by US State Dept under International visitors leadership program (the only municipal corporator from India), As part of this programme, he travelled across USA over 45 days engaging with 82 NGO’s for leadership development, laying foundation for lifelong bonds, which continue to enrich his administrative perspective. As a devoted party worker, Ashish was the head of organising committee for the 25th BJP convention. Under the leadership of Pramodji Mahajan, Ashish conceptualised and oversaw the successful organisation of Sahastra Chandra darshan for Shri.Atalji in Dec 2005[15]

Positions held[edit]
Within BJP[edit]
Mumbai Secretary, ABVP
President, Mumbai BJYM
Core team, organising committee, BJP Maha Adhiveshan, 1995
BMC Corporator, Khar West
President, North West Mumbai district BJP
BMC Corporator, BJP Group Leader in BMC
MMRDA member
Governor of Mumbai Metro heritage society.
Currently President Bharatiya Janata Party, Mumbai.

Member, Maharashtra Legislative Council, 28 July 2012 - 27 July 2018[17][18]
Member, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Since 2014 [19]

Shot by International French photographer Laurent Salisse

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