Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ruins at St Martin's Road

This ramshackled property in the green belt of Bandra has many unforgettable memories .
Late Mr Hendriques lived here was my good friend he had once crazy obsession he wanted to mate a white rat with a squirrel as he would explain to me that both were rodents .
He was a very close friend of Mr Marquis of Marquis pets and Marquis and I were very good friends in the 80 s Marquis made my 6 feet fish tanks a huge cage in iron for my Alstaian dogs but when the tide turned and I left this 3 bedroom company flat at Linking Road Bandra I gave my fishes tanks to a doctor an ex Mayor of Virar the cage and both my Alsations Sasha and Casper to Appa Sab Mr Hitendra Thakur brother of Bhai Thakur years later I met him to inquire about my dogs but he was truthful he had no memory of them he had sent them to his farm .
After several years I again tried to keep Flowrhorns two huge tanks but I was not lucky all of them died I have given away both the tanks decided to take a break from fishes and Kurla East I only take care of Marziyas white and colored Java Sparrows .
I never kept dogs again though I had a few imported Persian cats in the 90 s this too I gave it to friends eldest son was allergic to hair and I let them go .
So when I pass St Martin road I stand outside this crumbling edifice and remember all my talks my curiosity with late Mr Hendriques .
So photography as I see it is not just shooting pictures but a form of holistic catharsis earlier I was a juvenile I called it blogging but now I is simply adding words to an existing form as original content and let it be 're read as a street story .
I shoot I simply shoot I have no method I shoot moments as fleeting memories and it is purely impulsive .
I also shoot what a part of my cosmic brain tells me not to shoot .
Most of my street images are shot on the mobile phone is where is .
I miss shooting on film I miss my favorite Ilford Delta 100 ASA I miss Velvia 50 I miss shooting on expired rolls gifted by Mr Richard Kelep of Kodak I would push them or pull them advised by late Prof BW Jatkar he was the most instrumental of all my Gurus making prints at Bhai Humne Swastik Color lab ..going to Mazda coaxing Mr Onkar Plaha and to Color Art ..slides to Alvares at Mahim .
Mahindra Patil a brilliant genius did my BW processing once a disciple of Mr Jatkar .
Satyndra a Bohri guy called Bawaji and Mr Kishore Jothady were kind enough to encourage and do the BW prints I have a huge lot of my prints negatives slides I have kept them for many years now ..beneath my bed .
A journey that began and now it has ended I thought of buying an old FM10 for my 7 year old granddaughter Marziya to show her the crispiness of film but I gave it up...if she gets hooked wife will throw me out of the house ...
So a single isolated image shot without rhyme or reason can psychologically become a time machine for pent up thoughts buried deep under the sub consciousness .
Do you also feel this way I always thought poetry and madness are the two unique gifts of photography ..
Now I get ready to go kick my ass play some tennis .
Happy Morning from ramshackle mind of memories I mean mine of memories.