Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Police Dadagiri Needs To Be Stopped

I have known Mr Aryan Vaid for many years now , I have worked with him on the sets of Mr Ashok Tyagi jis Riyasat last film of Mr Rajesh Khanna .Mr Aryan Vaid , is an exemplary human-being , polished sensitive cultured , one thing I know about him , he does not give in to people if he is right ,, whosoever it maybe ,, I have visited his house a great host and I must reiterate he has absolutely no Bollywood attitude , so when I read this mornings HT news of him being bullied by a traffic cop for breathe inhaler test I was shocked , I mean our cops are so dumb that they cannot recognize a sober person from a vulgar drunken one ,, and sadly an upright officer our erstwhile CP Mr Rakesh Maria must get rid of such elements in the force , everyday media writes about the rotten bad apples and our CM also our Home Minister for State needs to bring the House of the Mumbai Police in order , I have seen many a times Traffic cops using abusive language , extorting ricksa drivers , and the Traffic cops stand hidden in street corners only to bully intimidate I have seen them taking bribes as low as Rs 30.. I mean we all know it but when will all this stop , most of the cops the good the bad or the ugly are stressed , bad long hours no rest no vacation and no futuristic police reforms ,, so you have cops shooting their seniors , seniors abusing the juniors , and some rogue cop are at times worse than the most hardened criminals ,, Who will join the erstwhile police force if this is the example they set.. as a senior concerned citizen with the highest regard for our selfless cops I am really shattered with what is happening .. I think there was one tough cop Mr Arup Patnaik we need more cops with balls like him.
Sorry Mr Aryan Vaid ,, you were lucky well connected to the Media Press what happens to the common man if he was in your place ,, I dread to think about it , insulted humiliated even if he is with his wife and family , and they want to have a night life extended in Mumbai ,,, Dear Mr Aditya Thackeray sab what do you say to this .. you are the future of our politics in Mumbai erudite well educated how long will this continue ,, please dont let the spirit of Mumbai die because of a few cops that are giving this city a very bad name