Friday, February 20, 2015

A Rainy Day In Bandra Bazar Road And Future Elections

This is the Ram Mandir road of Bandra Bazar and next to this lane is a small bylane that leads to Bandra De Monte Street ..and if you walk straight up this Ram Mandir Road you will reach the Jain Mandir  known as the Jain Mandir Road that exits out at Bandra Hill Road .Even the De Monte Street exits out to Bandra Hill Road via Chinchpokli Road and Gonsalves Wadi.

And once upon a time all these exit lanes including Boran Road  used to get completely flooded in the rains and the Bazar would be flooded waist deep.. And I shot those pictures  many years back in my Bandra Bazar Road set on Flickr .

I have documented Bazar Road people I shot who disappeared , forgotten faces , and the election rally's both 2009 Loksabha including the Assembly .. I shot the Independence day the only time you got to see the Congress local representative ,,, and here I must mention during the elections the candidates folded hands visit your house pat your children s heads along with his chamchas and if he loses he will not be seen in your area at all be it the Congress folks I did not see Phiroze Palkhivala of Am Admi Party after he lost the elections .

If they win ..this is a tricky one they expect to be seen in the Victory procession , but in the five years they wont ever visit your house to thank you , they had time than no time now ,, it is done through brochures or pamphlets ,, now we will see them in 2019 .

We will perhaps see a new lot during the civic elections in 2017.

And speaking about the civic elections my biggest mistake and like me others was voting for the Congress candidate , he hardly comes in our area .. and we voted for him because of Ms Priya Dutt and Mr Baba Siddiqui.. we did not even bother to find out about his antecedents ,,..

That Bandra Bazar Road is a total mess is a virtual fact , everyone knows it but have no will to open their mouths  the only will they had this time was to reject the Congress alright ,, even the Muslim vote bank could not save them.. and I hope the BJP reads this too it is performance and not just Modi wave that will bring you back... please dont under estimate the power of the Public ,, you have to serve them and not become Masters of our Destiny..

And I look forward to the Am Admi Party as we need a good solid opposition.. for the sake of Bandra Mumbai and India.