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Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan Arti 2015

I left my house at 6 am and reached Lower Parel barefeet dressed in saffron and today first time it was impossible to enter the Lalbagh Chya Pandal from any of the gates , the cops were heartless rude arrogant despite having a press card of them had the nerve to tell if Modi comes we wont let him in.
However God and Ganesha were on my side even my friend Ashish who helped me during the last visarjan could nor take me in.. but a guy spotted me and he was a resident of the buildings near the Pandal he let me enter with him.. I took the same corner I had taken on the first day and shot the festive moment and a few videos , I was lucky to meet my friend Sagar Bekal and Vinay Parelkar .
Vinay and I stuck together but we get lost in the crowds .. I met my friend Hemant Sawant Ganesh Color Lab Lalbagh ,his daughters Siyali and Sonali with their dad were shooting the Ganeshas heading for Girgaum Chowpatty for Visarjan on a huge ladder .
I rested at his studio than walked to Lower Parel and from there took a train to Charni Road I thought of catching up with Vinay who was shooting the visarjan at Girgaum Chowpatty and first time in my life I shot the Ganesh Visarjan from the beach and in the waters ..
I met an agriculture economist Ravi Shankar .. we shot the Ganeshas on the beach and the most beautiful was Hindus from Bangkok who had come to immerse their Ganeshas , Vinay and I again got lost from each other on the beach .
When I saw the light fading I decided to return home I reached home and saw Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganpati going for immersion near our house I shot that too ..
Today my feet got totally burnt ,,and from morning till evening I had just two batata wadas ,,
This was a memorable shoot met some friends from the Press and from my Camera Club,, PSI...
This is a mobile phone image ,,,I will upload the rest after I take a shower and get back into shape.
Because of the injury on my leg I decided not to follow Lalbagh Chya Raja till Do Tanki..

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