Wednesday, June 4, 2014


your state is soon
going to be the newest
rape capital of india
an insult and a disgrace
after every rape you
offer rs 5 lac..
the humiliation
loss of honor
justified by your
reward to the victim
who loses her life
family loses face
the rapist  supported
by your crooked cops
a system defaced
buffaloes of your
minister are more
important than
safeguarding women
their fall from grace
netaji condones rape
boys will be boys
scars on the surface
you are not in danger
are you what a catch
phrase ..janta apko
maf nahi karegi ..
modi sarkar waiting to
throw you out put
you in your proper
place the saifai tamasha
your foreign junkets
law and order
misplaced ..

soon your party will be lost
to Indian politics without
any will be
forgotten replaced ..