Friday, June 20, 2014

The BEST Bus Conductor

I met this humble soul when I took a bus for Shastri Nagar Bus Depot ,, Bus No 356 .

He sat besides me at close of our journey and we were talking about the heat humidity and a rainless Mumbai,,
Than I asked him how many kids he had  he said three , the eldest a daughter was doing her MBBS , and was going to become Doctor ,,he has two daughters one son and all his savings part of his Provident Fund he had utilized for the furtherance of their higher education.

And he is a migrant from Uttar Pradesh but he spoke chaste Marathi and had made Mumbai his home..

His name is Vaidya Panday  I think  as I am bad with names numbers , and I shoot stories of humility like this..

And in the bus you meet all kinds of people , drunks crazies, fighter cocks , nagging women waiting to get into a fight at the drop of a coin , but he has to remain polite cool and he is a Hindu, the guy who was driving the bus was a skull cap bearded Miya and both got along well .

As he was driving I could not chat up with him or tell you his part of the story..

Bu all in all these are clogs that Mumbai Mumbai .. Mumbai Meri Jan.

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