Wednesday, August 28, 2013

As I Have Exceeded My Limit For My Images At Flickr ,, I Will Not Upload New Stuff - I Miss My Old Pro Account

The Rod Piercers Of Goddess Marriammen by firoze shakir photographerno1

I got a message from Flickr I have exceeded my limit so they suggest  I   buy more space ..I dont think I will instead I will delete some old useless images , which again would be a pain , or take another Free account which I dont want too ..or play with my Exif data , bring back my old stuff as new and make it new by tweaking it at Aviary ,, I am fathomless so if any of you can suggest guide me I will be really grateful,, at the moment I am not in a position to buy space for personal reasons.. 

Even my Pro status used to be a gift from friends wellwishers ,,,so I am now a victim like the rest of you to New Flickr.. luckily I had stopped shooting pictures ..I would like to know if I replace my pictures will that give me space or what ,,,thanks .

I have 285000 images what happens to them , will they be archived or what .. I am sending this blog message to Flickr customer care for guidance and help.

My Message to Flickr Customer Care 


My name is Firoze Shakir 

I am a Yahoo member since 2005 

I am a Flickr member since 2007 

I have over 285000 images till date ..what happens to them.

I used to be a Pro member .. but I guess that staus does not exist , my pro membership was to expire in Sept 2014 ,, and now I got a message that I have exceed my limit for uploading images .

At the the moment I am going through a very rough patch I dont think I can buy extra space .. I need your help 

Should I delete some old useless images 

Or can I bring them forward  tweak them at Aviary and post them as new blogs by changing Exif Data ..

Or should I take an extra account which I dont want to..

I am really confused .. this Help from your end will be a big Help to me ,, 


Firoze Shakir

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