Friday, August 16, 2013

#CelebrateBlogging BlogAdda

Hello Firoze Shakir,

As we enter into India's 67th year of independence, we progress each day, learning something new in some way or the other.

India as a country longs to be recognized for all the amazing things it stands proud of. Blogging in India also has grown tremendously in all these years. India, today is home to some of the most amazing blogs talking about varied interesting topics.

We believe that you have submitted your blog for BlogAdda Blog Awards. We have been celebrating blogging with you over the last one month at BlogAdda. We love it and so we continue to do so.

Today, on twitter, let us #CelebrateBlogging together.

How? Simple. By tweeting about everything related to blogging and using the hashtag #CelebrateBlogging. Ask questions, share your tips, inspire, connect with fellow bloggers and much more.

It is time to log in as @photographerno1 and start conversing. We @BlogAdda look forward to amazing interactions with you.