Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Crows Of Bandra Bazar Road

the crows
of bandra
bazar road
come to blows
each one
wanting to
pose for
beggar poet
barefeet blogger
firoze each
morning to attract
his poetic attention
they put up a great
show .. in slow motion
some black beauties
with their beaus
some with chicken legs
held in their beaks
some with dead rose
some flapping their
wings like Belafonte
King of Calypso
the garbage dump
looks like Totos Disco
some shitting on
peoples head sitting
at a neigbors window
some happy eating
stale mangoes
the fragrance
of dead fish
peeled prawns
emanates as
it grows .
some black
horny crows
ogling at
ladies in their
some crows
cawing at
drug addicts
lying dead
old crates
as pillows

the crows
dont want the
bandra bazar
garbage dump
to go from here
they have collectively
sent madame sonia
gandhi a memo

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