Friday, March 2, 2012

The Flickr Space Ball Tool Has Gone Rusty Anyone Can Steal Your Pictures .

And Flickr does not care a bit you have a problem about this than contact Yahoo Copyright Infringement so they pas the buck conveniently ..and this is the only thing that hurts at Flickr .. this callous attitude towards our pictures our intellectual property..

Think Flickr Think
or you will end up
the garbage sink
the filth and the stink

8:55 AM (23 hours ago)

to me

What a tragic situation that your pix have been stolen at Flicker. I feel so sorry for your loss.The mis-use of your images is, however, beyond your control. With best intentions and the soul of a poet you have recorded these incredible images, and released them into the universe. You are an artist of extreme depth and amazing understanding. Even I have wanted to steal your images to continue looking at the beauty you have captured. You have generously shared your photos, so stealing is unnecessary. Consider that the beauty you created is still being beautiful somewhere else...and continue creating more. You have plenty more beauty where these images came from...YOUR HEART!