Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunil Joshi And Me At Lalbagh 2012

First time I went dressed as a normal man and this has nowadays become my dress code 8 months working for another man .. a Guru too changed my life my sartorial serendipity.

Sunil Joshi and Raju Langewal of the Lalbagh Chya Raja Pandal are my two oldest friends through them the Lord gives me his royal darshan.

And I love shooting Lalbagh Chya Raja as well as the street life in and around his pandal.

The vegetable sellers the stores in the complex all dd to the tapestry of my street photography.

What I see is perhaps not the same as a photographers sees , do photographers really see ,, what they see is through the camera in all humility I see the world through the cosmic eyes of a street poet.
My pictures are illusory.. I shot them through the perspective of poetry.. If I had money I would buy the best camera best optics but I am happy shooting with what I have ...

Before I buy anything I have to pay off a few frends that helped me when I fell face forward when times were bad..

I dont have a car I dont like cars two wheelers I use public transport mostly rickshas in Bandra and cabs for town.

It was from here I walked ahead shot the Gauri store ..