Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Eunuchs at Karbala

while shimr straddled
on imam hussains chest
cutting the revered neck
with a blunt blade
at yazids behest
such was his bloody quest
the eunuchs
so called muslims
of yazids army watched
but did not protest
silent lips
guilty conscience
you know the rest
karbala a mothers
robbed nest
the tears of the shias
that she has blessed
a cry of pain
from our bleeding backs
bleeding heads
bleeding breasts
hussain is humanity
yazidiyat is terrorism
for 1400 years
we have stressed
azadari e hussain
when the Imam
comes to Mumbai
as our guest
riding on a spiritual crest
a pledge
with our lives
we hereby attest
we all detest
yes we are shias
you have rightly guessed