Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Beggar Poet Shares The Beauty of Pain Hope And Hinduism

My feet were in very bad shape as the path from the beach towards the Mahim main road is jagged cobblestones , so I took a a detour and came out from the beach end , and it is a unlit path , stepping on a piece of glass or cigarette butt means disaster fir my diabetic feet .

But I have faith in God and my barefeet have eyes they take care of me ..and I had to be careful as mentioned earlier I leave for Ajmer to shoot the Urus and I am a Dam Madar Malang I have to refuel my pledge .

Strangely I did not meet hijras at this event as I always meet them here it was here I had met Anamika hijra ..

The hijras too believe in Goddess Marriamman the Goddess of Fertility and Good Health.

As I became a Malang I will only be wearing blackin Ajmer .. here too I wore black I normally wore saffro in keeping with the spirit of Hinduism.. as message of peace and Humanity.

And I wont be connected to the net so you guys will have some peace and wont see the darker side of my photo stream.

I will miss my frends on Google+ and Indi Bloggers a little cozy place where I post my links in the wee hours of the morning and read the younger peoples blogs too we as old fogies have to promote young bloggers and not just pimp our own stuff.

And blogging is a very powerful tool that moves mountains government and God too..