Friday, April 27, 2012

Once as a child many years back I walked the path in the middle of the waters

We stayed at Wodehouse road and our adventure land as kids was the waters and the concrete path in the waters now called the Backbay Reclamation the venue of ghastly crimes of rape kidnap murder against very tiny kids the recent killing rape was of a two year old child..

And I shot all this from my friend Vishnu Bhimrajkas office window failing light and was transported to my young days ..
And I remember once my friends Vimal Pathachrige and Ray Framroze challenged me to swim from here to Nariman Point , I was very daring I got out of my shorts and wearing my underwear jumped into the sea .. my friends said they would come with my clothes at the other end .. I believed them and when after a grueling swim I came out at Nariman Point my friends were not to be sen and so I came home runnig at office hours and my bad luck I banged into Sherna Ghasvala who let out a scream thinking I had become a raving lunatic..

I had a great childhood , love for nature animals plants trees and playing with slumkids. of Military quarters Wodehouse Road.

Whatever the frugality fo my childhood it has made me what I am..