Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Greater Sinner Than Me

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the first time
a million light years
an aging eternity
when accidentally
she touched me
her voice at the other
end lisping in pain
her sense sensuality
swept me off my feet
drenched the soul
of my pathos passion
poetry cascading
like dancing silks
lashing my inner being
punitively her flesh
her body her mind
bits of her stupidity
killed me instantly
now only a poetic
thought on the periphery
a moment lost in time
i hear her voice
betrayed by lust
betrayed by love
a desire that
could not be
by chance
to her memory
i tried to be
what i was not
what i could not be
in love blindingly
locked as a
tiny pearl
in an oyster
she was a path
but not my destiny

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