Friday, December 30, 2011

ME -In a Maze of Memories

going barefeet at the taj
burning hot marble floor
I wont ever forget
hassled by the security
for looking like a terrorist
my only regret
wife her mother me at agra
jab we met
today back
in my corner at mumbai
connecting my angst
on the internet
all around chaos
mumbai under attack
mumbai under siege
mumbai under a terrorist threat
the gateway of India
where I studied as a kid
learning to swim
how can I forget
later working at
Burlingtons of Bombay
the Taj Mahal Hotel
my filmy set
Madame Pompadour
Gazdar Jewellers
me selling scarf dresses
tuxedos silks and georgette
forever in Andre Kapur
Mrs Gupta and Mr Calebs debt
a burning inferno
the old lady of the taj
we all Mumbaikars
the rest of India
terribly upset
a lesson to be learnt
that more important than banning
gutka booze and cigarette
is the nations security
a war a stage set
to get rid of terrorism
its ugly silhouette
innocent lives lost
the gunned down policemen
the bereaved families
pain agony remorse cold sweat
jai maharashtra
mee mumbaikar
all eyes on the TV set
a thought for the homeless
a prayer to God
free us all