Thursday, September 2, 2010

Muslims Love Killing Muslims Even During Ramzan

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Times of India reports 3 bombs kill 25 at Pak religious march..

Three bombs ripped through a Shia Muslim religious procession in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore on Wednesday killing 25people and wounding about 150 others ..officials said

We are Muslims
only in Name
During Ramzan
the Holy Month
not just Islam but all that
Islam stands for
we shame
the rest of our
eunuch community
watches helplessly
now whom do we blame
the Americans the Jews
whom do we name
infidels from the days
of Karbala till today
we could never tame
so the Shia as a protest
1400 years old
cuts bleeds to show you
pain and it is the Muslim
who lustfully loves
killing Muslims
when he takes aim
the roza fasting Muslim
in the Armour of a suicide
bomber he came
to kill destroy maim
in Paradise a nubile virgin
to set his languishing
libido aflame
everything that Islam
stands for once
again defamed
the jehaddi
a corrupted file name
a Muslim merely in name
Allah Ho Akbar
five times he proclaims
in the same breatth
killing inncent men
women children
the rogue mullah
misplaced martyrdom
the name of the game
peace brotherhood
crutches for the lame '
i would rather be a kaffir
than a Muslim
like this self same
a weeping picture
in a blood stained frame