Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am as Much a Hindu as You are a Muslim

I am documenting the ambiance of Ramzan through images a Holy Month filled with the fragrance peace love and brotherhood, a month or retrospection reflection a month of anger management , a month of control of all the senses in the worship of God.

Ramzan is a month of good deeds good thoughts good actions, you dont lose your cool , you stay calm and you learn to forgive.

Ramzan is a month of tolerance iving in mutual coexistence with our Hindu neighbor who to is eagerly waiting to bring home Lord Ganesha and here in Bandra Mount Mary feast begins as a message of humanity for the Christians.

And though I am not in the best of emotional state with surmounting problems at home and at work I shall try to bring this on your computer screen as and when I shoot them.

For the time being I am shooting the Muslim ethos of Ramzan and its effect on our surroundings its positive influence on every one of diverse faith.

I know Hindu friends who keep a token fast along side the Muslims and one person I must mention in this regard who celebrates Idd at his home inviting the Muslims from his area is eminent senior journalist of Midday Group Shailesh Bhatia

I have been at his house and was part of the Idd celebrations for me this and only this is True India..the India that belongs to all those live in her bosom the India of my dreams and your childrens dreams and yours too..

And for a change even bloggers are human maybe lacking in formal writing skills grammar and syntax but the love for a friend will never cease ..

And if the blog realizes and brings me comfort capturing the core essence of our lives bonding with each other I am happy shooting pictures that add to this message of goodwill and hope and harmony.

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