Friday, July 30, 2010

Did You Let My Blogs Out?

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The only place in Bandra visited by people of all caste color or community is this service road which touches one end of Bazar road to another road of Bazar Road , and the poor mans Jesus lives here on a gutter without complaining without making a hue and cry..

Most of the time the gutter that houses the collective shit of humanity overflows , but Jesus carries on with a faint smile on his lips as I narrate his worldly woes.

I shoot the overflowing gutters because as a human being it hurts me seeing this apathy , this laid back attitude of people concerned.

But now let me tell you there has been a change recently , the gutter the one in front of Jesus feet has been regularly cleaned and a new concrete cover replaced , the old one was stolen by some drug addicts called gardulas in our colloquial lingo.

I pass this way nowadays instead of the slum path I took to go to my workplace or took Marziya to school..I stopped going through the slum path completely.

This service path is private property perhaps I dont know but only two wheelers and pedestrians are allowed.

In common parlance it is a short cut for the common man the middle rich class.. without a car.

And me I dont know what I should call myself I walk I have no car never needed one , once I sold my car to pay the deficit on my home loan..I never bought a car and never will the reason is a crazy one I dream I am running over the producers who got work done by me and never paid me till date ..and it is a scary horror dream..and being locked up in an Anda cell ...for pre mediated murder with intent to kill.

So such is a poets life on a slow track..the internet destroyed me completely and worse was being a fall guy , poets fall continuously in and out of love on the Internet.

So sometimes I seem to agree with dear Lucky Ali one woman is not enough in a single mans life and I say this without my wife overhearing it she is fast asleep.

Love on the internet made me a wordsmith cobbled up words as poetry, made me vociferously vocal in terms of blogging

Buzznet the old one not the new one made me a Blogger and Biz Stone when he was at Blogspot now he is full time Twitter..

Biz Stone sent me a message he is keen on coming to India to meet the Bollywood seniors and brats.and last but not the least own own Indian micro blogging pride Mr Shahsi Tharoor..
Biz Stone cant stop talking about Shashiji.

Who let the Blogs out by Biz Stone was my bible as a newbie blogger and I will now tell you all it was none but Biz Stone who made me incombustible blogger fire no brimstone.

So this is a blog it has no purpose it is a writing tool it gets you out into the open no reject slips or editorial embarrassments fuck grammar and syntax.,..and you know the guy reading you does not even read English he only loves your pictures.

And the only person who calls me a lousy photographer is my wife a burkha clad woman and all my poems in defense of the burkha are my tribute to her for 33 years of our married life.

The Silhouette of my marital sanity in the silhouette of a hijab..and I must tell you Jesus likes me too as all my stuff poetically written about him comes from my genre I call Jesus Poetry.

Back to my wife my simple humble one in a million wife ..

Her complaints go like this first why dont I make money like other photographers do..

Where will all this blogging slogging take you , you are still where you are shooting the same things over and over and over and over again...

When I tell her if ever now I dont, that I am going to shoot Mount Mary , she blurts out with stupid quizzical corny kind of face look , did you not shoot it last week, I nod my head , the week before that I nod my head , she continues did you not shoot it last year I dont nod my head I simply bang the door and go out and shoot Mother Mary for the n th time of my life on earth.

Than the other problem she tells me why dont your pictures come in the newspapers do you really have to mow down a producer to have your picture on the first page ..I keep solemnly silent.
Than with a rolling stick in hand she tells me instead of photography why did you not learn driving you could take me to La Vassa , Amboli Waterfalls ..Than she threw the rolling pin at me when I said she should learn photography we could both be shooting pictures of the same thing over and over and over and over again.

Does this happen to you or is this a bloggers rant /?

Only Friar Tuck my old mate from Woolongong could answer this.

And now I will get serious I have in this 6 years of my blogging shelf life seen , that I have great quality friends on the internet , I have never met or may not even meet , friends that have stood by me commented on my stuff and in spite of a gaping distant I still cling to the for life..

My oldest friends on the Internet without them I could have never become a blogger are my Buzznet friends the best of the best..and we are not Buzznet Refugees we are Flickr mates and die hard Facebook friends.

So this post is dedicated to Marc Brown Azzie Anthony Batt Steve Haldane Buzznet Founders.
Yorrik Friar Dread Heading Mahayani Aljie Bernie Benn Silver Bell Duck, Pax Romana Waza Drunk Xris Taylor Funksteena Wild Orbit Artsy SF Tom Andrews Jamieshaef Obqupunx 13 and so many others I have lost track with.