Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Dog Like Woman Beggar of Ajmer

I saw her on all fours and this was my first shot and I walked behind her watching the degradation of much touted humanity and womanhood.

And this is a common sight during the Urus of Khwajah Gharib Nawaz Ajmer Sharif.

Nobody even gives a second look, and all around her is a sea of beggars , they have all come here to ingratiate themselves , they will place floral tributes worth thousands of rupees , chaddar , to show their love for the Holy Saint.

In the two Deghs or vessels in the Holy Shrine they will offer gold silver, money , but hardly will they offer this beggar woman a rupee or two.

Such is the nature of selfish man , he only grovels for himself or his family.

And poets like me shoot them as the poetry of life gone awry, beggar pictures upsets the fucked somnolent consciousness of society..nothing more nothing less.

But they do not see the degradation of human life the ignominy of womanhood.

They wont ever see it at all...we wake them up with our pictures , and for the record this photo blogger who walks barefeet does not sell his pictures.

He sold his his prime used telly lens Nikon AF 80/200 2.8 ED for Rs 15000 , to make this trip to Ajmer and to share with you a world through the poetry of life.

22 GB memory card of Hijra despair remorse and the beggardom at Ajmer.

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