Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Death and Firoze

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I received this comment from a dear friend on Facebook

I am responding to it as a poem..

Dear Firoze. I am moved to read your poem. Very nice. Bhai mere ko itna batao, itnee kadwaahat kyon hai, itne bechain kyon ho aap?

{translated it means firoze why are you so bitter and restless }

the question that you pose
was the same question
i asked death
within my shadow
very close
death who
is my greatest hero
I said to death
why so bitter
why so uneasy
like firoze
death looked at me
with haunted eyes
morbid and morose
tumhe lene ata hoon
har roz but seeing
your fucked frescoed
life adds to my woes
thus death spoke
to me in simplicity
without being verbose
he said with a wrinkled brow
sinister up close
i have seen men plead
for more life on
hospital beds
crushed on roads
in deathly throes
scenes horrid
bloody and gross
as their soul
into my net flows
the professional nature
of my work
i cannot doze
nobody save you are
my friend
the rest treat
me as their foe
i spare you cosmic poet
with such words death froze
from my dream that was
real I arose

Yes Sudarshan
I walk a path
that I chose
through my
poetic vision
tears on
the soul
of humanity
I expose
unafraid of
deaths blows
my cosmic angst
me my camera
my alter ego

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