Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dead Indian-One for the Road

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I shot this at Khar SV Road, yes I focused on his hand, , and his hand with which he does his begging, wiping his ass, scratching his body parts.
His hand that is a major tool at work, he needs no change of clothes, no soap, no toothbrush, no he does not need to iron his clothes
He does not need to launder his clothes that single pair that has stuck to him like a second skin.
He braves the inclement weather, the winter chill, just a sheet that they will wrap him up in when he chokes .But he has taken an extension on his life , he wont die yet, he wont come under a car, even the cars are scared of touching him, they dont want to soil their tyres with his putrid blood.
He does not need insulin shots, no tonics, he drinks country made hooch, that is poison but yet it does not kill him.
This is Mee Mumbaikar..
No wait a bit he is Indian..
They day he cops it they will add a number to his toe..Dead Indian.

a dead indian never dies
the beggar dead indian
lives as another
beggar will come
take his place
as time goes by
a karmic circle cries
he came he saw
he left behind
his memories
on the sly
on a street called why
when where how
no reply
into the souls
of dead souls
as street photographers
we pry
bringing them
home on your
monitor screens
the beggars last sigh
india is incomplete
without the vibrant
soul of mumbai
you can create another delhi
kolkatta lucknow chennai
humanly possible as politicians
you can call it shanghai
mumbai the city of dreams
rags to riches demand and supply
poetizing the soul of photography
through shiva's third eye