Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spiritual Blood Bath Kaisar Bagh Dongri

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When the short majlis gets over at Kaisar Bagh Dongri, the people that were seated hurriedly get up and form a circle , the space within is now replaced and dominated by the men and boys who will do zanjir matam, sword matam and kama zani.

Around the hall the procession of Alams and Taboots moves on and this is now at close quarters , the alams come from various Anjumans of Imamwada and other areas in the vicinity.

Munna kama my friends voice can be heard along with others shouting Ya Ali Ya Ali as they urge the guys holding the daggers to cut their heads , the first aid guys quickly wash the bleeding wounds and bandage the same efficiently and quickly.

Now beyond the hall in the courtyard outside little kids do the zanjir zani and there is a medical aid stall.. everything is hand for an emergency including a waiting ambulance.

Even the top guys and trustees give in a hand , so you will see Safdar Karmali or Moeb Nasser helping the mourners and the matamdars.

Kaisar Bagh is verily a Shia Khoja Gadh of Faith..

Every Shia khoja kid has run with alams, cut his head here first..and the older folks now aged , with all this wet wet eyes and nostalgia.

And here I am blogging text on pictures not shot by me.. I am giving a voice to the silence of a visual soul..shot by someone with a greater passion for the documentation of his faith..

You dont need to be a great photographer to shoot pain.. you must feel it to make others feel it to..a 1400 year pain , a protest against injustice and oppression and nothing else..Hussain is Humanity...

Har Kaum Pukaregi Hamare Hain Hussain...

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