Thursday, January 14, 2010

How Pictures Touch Us All ...

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This is Marziya in the last picture of the series and she is asking God with her mimd and soul almost all the things her grand mother might have asked and this is Marziyas mind a little board on the doorway says Access Denied..Somethings are only shared by God and Marziya and Marziya and God, third party Facebook applications are not required on Marziyas minds home page so to speak , tongue and cheek.

I received a message from a dear friend that touched me deeply I share it with all of you..

Dear Firoze,
How grateful I am for your facebook friendship. Your images have helped me understand haunting memories from my first trip to India in 1970-71. While wandering the streets of Bombay (in the vicinity of Chor Bazzar), I witnessed a procession of Devotional Pain without knowing for whose sake and for what reason these men were beating themselves bloody. Your text and pictures have given meaning to a memory.

The last 3 weeks have been wonderful. I am in an enchanted place, very remote, and I have used the winter break from school to travel throughout India by viewing your photographs. School starts again next Monday, and I will have limited time on line to enjoy your pictures once classes begin. You have been an inspiration to me to begin posting some pictures. Until I saw your way of photoblogging everything, I had not even posted a profile picture of myself. By your efforts, other people may find courage. I know I have.

Thank you very kindly for your friendship. I want you to know how much I have enjoyed your pictures. You have a beautiful life, a beautiful wife, a beautiful grand daughter, and I am so grateful for your generosity in sharing your point of view. I will check in as often as possible.

Best Wishes for your continued success and well being ,

May you be well, happy, peaceful and free from trouble and suffering...

I have removed her name for obvious reasons ..this is what a picture does when it plasters itself as Hope on another persons heart , this is Photo blogging where the human heart requires no instruction manual as to how it works..