Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Old Mrs Darukhanawalla is Dead

I have shot Mrs Darukhanawalla several times but somehow the pictures got badly underexposed on film , this time I shot them on digital.
I have a very strong liking for the Parsis, one of the finest race, highly educated, well mannered and a stickler for cleanliness.
Parsi owned second hand items are almot like branded items, and trustworthy in their autheticity too.
I have a childhood friend Rayomand Framroze, whom I call Bawa.
Than their is Mr Dinyar Jamshedjee owner of Noble Paints and his two kids Ashdeen and Shorveer..
I had a lot of friends from Cusrow Baugh at Colaba Causeway..Cyrus was one of them.
Keith Kanga who passed away was a half Bawa too..
My other dependable friend Khada Parsi of Byculla .

On Pateti Day this year I came to know she had passed away , she was a very nice lady who sold sandal wood next to the Tata Agiary.,.