Sunday, December 27, 2009

Moharam in Hyderabad - Hussain Kothi 2004

These are pictures shot in 2004..I had gone to celebrate Moharam in Hyderabad.
On 8 Moharam, there is a huge procession at Hussain Kothi ancestral seat of the Nawabs .
One of the scions of the Nawab carries the Alam Abbas on a horse.
Than chants of Ya Sakina Ya Abbas..
This is an unforgettable event in the Azadari of Imam Hussain.

I had accidentally called this place Nawab Kothi - this is actually Hussain Kothi and these are blue blooded nawabs and the young kids carry the heritage of their ancestry..

I am back here and shot this segment Moharam in Hyderabad 2009

I shall post the pictures once I reach Mumbai after Ashura.

The hospitality shown to me by Ghazanfer son of late Nawab Rashid Ali Khan, and his uncles cousins , relatives has really touched me deeply..