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Ashok Salian and Me at Shivaji Park Dasshera

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Ashok and I walked at Patwardhan Park to stay trim and fit once upon a time , I have completely stopped walking but Ashok Salian has kept himself trim and fit..he told me has stopped walking too.

This was a surprise meeting at Shivaji Park during the Dasshera burning of Ravan's effigy..

About Ashok Salian

Fine Art & Fashion Photography

Film Direction & Production

Exhibition Concepts & Execution

Workshop Leader & Lecturer

Fashion: Began commercial photography career specializing in fashion in 1987 having shot for India’s leading fashion designers such as Abu Jani – Sandeep Khosla, Suneet Verma, Shahab Durazi & Bhairavi Jaikishan amongst others. Also, created audio-visuals for fashion shows.

Advertising: VIP luggage assigned by Hindustan Thompson Associates was the first advertising campaign shot, this was followed by several other prestigious brands in the country & overseas. Raymond’s Suitings, Bombay Dyeing, Nivea, Cinthol, Mafatlal Suitings, Lakme shampoo, Sunsilk, Smirnoff, Shoppers’ Stop, Vimal Suitings, Gwalior Suitings, Graviera Suitings, Digjam Suitings, Videocon, L’Oreal, Van Heusan, Allen Solly, Monte Carlo, Louis Phillipe & Provogue to name a few.

Magazines: Shot magazine covers & features for Gladrags, India’s first fashion magazine & was associated with them for the next 7 years making path-breaking strides in the field of fashion photography. Also, consistently shot for other magazines- Elle, Verve, L’Officiel, Beautiful People, Oomph, Femina & Savvy.

Movie Stars: Photographed popular film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Rekha, Dimple Kapadia, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, Urmila Matondkar & Hrithik Roshan besides others for movie magazines such as Stardust, Movie, Filmfare, Showtime, Cineblitz, G & for fashion magazines as above.

Book: Abu Jani – Sandeep Khosla’s ‘A Celebration of Style’ by Sharda Diwedi.

Awards: Awards received for excellence in photography & film-making. Involved in advertising campaigns that have won numerous national & international awards that have featured in the L’Archive, the New York festival and the One Show. Awarded the Asian Photography ‘Photographer of the Year’ award in 2002. In the year 2004, felicitated by the Government of Maharashtra, India with an award for ‘Important contribution to Indian Photography’. In 2005, received the Rotary Club award for Photography.

India’s foremost advertising award – ‘AAA of I’ awarded a bronze in 2007 for excellence in film-making. Commercial film for Wave Cinema (a chain of multiplexes in New Delhi).

Fine Art : Limited edition art works have been published and can be found in private collections in India and abroad.

Exhibitions :

2007: ‘Subliminal’, debut solo show @ Jamaat Art Gallery & ‘Pure’ @ The Osmosis Gallery, 2007.

2006: PGI’s ‘Exhibit - A’ 2006.

2005: ‘VI @ Zenzi’ & PGI’s ‘Exhibit - A’ 2005.

2004: The Harmony Show @ Nehru Centre & PGI’s ‘Exhibit - A’ 2004.

2003: PGI Group Exhibition @ Mercedes-Benz Showroom, 2003.

2002: PGI’s ‘Exhibit - A’ 2002 @ Jehangir Art Gallery’s Golden Jubliee Celebrations.

2001: PGI’s ‘Exhibit - A’ 2001 @ Nehru Centre.

1996: ‘Exhibit - A’ @ Jehangir Art Gallery. A landmark exhibition of fine art photography, a show of this kind was held for the first time in India.


* Made 5 advertising commercials for Killer Jeans, Blue Stratos, Heimtextil India and Wave Cinemas.

* ‘Vintage Rusi’, a 22-minute short feature film for the Kala Godha Arts Festival, Mumbai.

* Currently, working on a feature film script & looking to direct feature films in the future.

Honorary work:

NGO’s: PETA, School for the Deaf & Paramparik Karigar.

Commissioned by the Swiss Consulate to paint benches to raise funds for charity. Christie’s auctioned the works of 18 artists including painters & sculptors.

The Photographers’ Guild of India (PGI):

Honorary Secretary of PGI from 1999 to 2006.

‘Exhibit – A’ Convenor from 2002 to 2006. Involved in the promotion of ‘Photography as a form of art’, a movement started through exhibitions titled ‘Exhibit – A’ to encourage photographic print buying in the country.

Newschool 2005 Team – Newschool was revived after 10 years in 2005. The interactive 5-day seminar held at the Hyatt, Mumbai in February showcased amazing talent from the U.S.A. and masters’ in their field. Namely Joyce Tenneson, Jay Maisel, Max Vadukul, David Zimmerman and Sanjay Kothari.


* Judging panels of creative & fashion bodies like the Ad Club Awards – Chairman of the Jury for Photography 2005 & 2006, Commercial Artists Guild; Sir. J.J. School of Art and ‘F’ (fashion) Awards, Miss India & the Gladrags Mega Model Contest.

* Workshop leader & lecturer – ‘Newschool 1991’. A photography seminar held in Bangalore featuring international photographers Adrian Flowers, Hidike Fuji and myself.

* Invited to speak to the students of The Indian Business School, Hyderabad on Photography and Trends in India. Fellow speakers included gallerist Phiroza Godrej, artists Navjot Altaf and Paresh Maity and film director Nagesh Kukunoor who spoke on subjects of their expertise.


Master’s degree in Business Management, Bombay University.

Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Mithibai College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai & M.M.K. College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai.

Primary & Secondary Education – St. Teresa’s High School, Mumbai.

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