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Hazrat Qasims Martyrdom Kaisar Bagh Dongri

Hazrat Qasims Martyrdom Kaisar Bagh Dongri
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Today the eve of 7th Moharam, the Shias in Mumbai mourn the Martyrdom of Hazrat Qasim ibn Hassan , son of Imam Hassan who lost his life in the Battle of Karbala..
there is a short Majlis recited by Maulana Yasoob Abbas son of Maulana Athar Saab at Kaisar Bagh the Shia gadh of Dongri close to the Dargah Hazrat Abbas.
Like each year the Alams , the Zaris , and the procession begin round the hall as soon as the Majlis gets over and the scourgings kama matam begin in the centre , juloos jam packed goes a few circular rounds..little children , men boys and kids.. all moving with the Taboots or the replicas of the coffins that you will see in the following pictures all shot on my telly lens..

My friend Syed Masoom has sent me an article on Hazrat Qasim that I add to my post..The picture I took is of the whetting stone men who sell flagellating blades , short daggers for cutting the forehead..I did not carry my blades, nor did I participate as I wanted to shoot pictures, and my telly lens got jammed on my Nikon D70 so I could not use the semi wider lens..


Qasim ibn al-Hasan had not reached the age puberty at time of his martyrdom at Karbala'. On the eve of 'Ashura' when the Imam informed his faithful followers of their imminent deaths, Qasim ibn al-Hasan, who was also in the gathering, went to the Imam and asked him, " O uncle! Will I also be killed?" The Imam embraced him and said, "O child! How do you find death?" He replied, "Sweeter than honey!" The Imam told him, "You will be killed after a great calamity and so will 'Abd Allah, the infant ('Ali Asghar)."
(Al-Waqa'i' wa-al-Hawadith ).

Qasim ibn al-Hasan readied himself for battle on the Day of 'Ashura'. Then he went to the Imam for his final farewell. The Imam took Qasim to his bosom and both wept for a while. Qasim asked

permission from the Imam to go into battle. However, the Imam was hesitant. Qasim repeatedly asked until the Imam reluctantly allowed him. Qasim, distressed and with tears rolling down his cheeks, advanced into battle reciting:

I am the son of al-Hasan if you are unaware, the grandson of the Messenger, the chosen, the trusted.
This is Husayn like a captive held in ransom for people whose thirst may not be quenched by the falling rain.

Qasim mounted an attack on the enemy killing three of them.

Humayd ibn Muslim reported this incident in the following way: A young boy came out of the tents of al-Husayn and approached the battlefield. His face was like the first splinter of the new moon. He had a sword in his hand and was wearing a long shirt. As he entered within the battlefield and engaged in fighting, 'Amr ibn Sa'd Azdi, who stood next to me, said, "By God! Let me attack this child!" I replied, "What cause do you have with him? He is only a child. Let those who surround him finish him off. By God! I would not lift a finger against him even if he was to strike me down with his sword." He repeated, "By God! Let me attack him and make life a misery for him." As Qasim ibn al-Hasan was fighting with the soldiers that surrounded him, 'Amr sneaked behind him and struck him on the head with a sword. Qasim's head split open as he fell from his mount onto his blessed face and he cried out. " O uncle! Come to my aid."

The Imam was standing watching his nephew Qasim. No sooner had Qasim cried out to him than the Imam, descending like an eagle upon its prey, launched an attack tearing through the ranks of the enemy until he reached 'Amr Azdi. The Imam struck at him with his sword. 'Amr raised his arm to shield himself from the blow and his arm was cut from the elbow. 'Amr called out to save him from the Imam. Their horses collided with and 'Amr fell. The horses galloped over his body and he was trampled to death by their hooves. When they finally managed to carry it away. As the cloud of dust and sand raised by the galloping horses settled, the Imam was seen, standing by Qasim. He rubbed his heels on the ground as his soul departed from the mutilated body. The Imam put his cheek on the torn chest of Qasim crying and lamenting, "O child! It is unbearable that you called out to your old uncle and I could not come to your help. And when I did, it was to no avail."

The Imam took Qasim's body into his arms and carried him with Qasim's feet dragging on the ground to where the bodies of his sons, brothers and companions were placed. He placed Qasim's body next to his son 'Ali Akbar and he said to them, "O my nephews! Persevere. O my children! Have patience. By Allah! You will not see any grief after this day."
(A'yan al-Shi'ah).

According to another report, the Imam placed Qasim next to 'Ali Ak

bar. Then he sat between the two of them. He removed his turban and scattered dust on his head. Then he placed his right hand on the chest of 'Ali Akbar and his left hand on the chest of Qasim. With his eyes filled with tears, he looked up at the sky and cried out, "O Lord of the worlds! Al-Husayn has been deprived of his sons."

According to some reports, when the Imam sent Qasim of to the battle, he tore Qasim's turban into two pieces. He placed one half on his shoulders and chest like the top piece of a shroud while he tied the other half to his head with a strap falling across his face and ending around his neck on his back. It was for this reason that Qasim's face was described as the first splinter of the new moon.
(Muntakhab Turayhi).



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