Friday, July 13, 2007

The Raving Mad Man Of Hyderabad

He was common feature near the Choti Bargah , deviously intelligent man, his stories were beyond the realm of reality..I shot him 5 years back, and post his picture as my poetry .

his character smudged black and blue
on lifes dried out ink pad ..
in dirty unwashed clothes he was clad
his mother a prostitute several fathers no dad
his woes hung on an easel unpainted and sad
The raving Mad Man of Hyderabad
who told me once that he was born sane
in a world going mad ..this Indian Sindbad
not paying taxes
nor exercising his franchise
no internet connection
no falling in love
no worldly miseries to add
his sleep silence untalked
he lived while others mocked
his moments of madness
unlocked ..
looking at the worlds perversities
around him
he is no more shocked
away from the
reign of terror
in Islamabad
away from
shia sunni skirmishes
sectarian hate in Baghdad
Happy go lucky
walking dead but alive
dirty dressed clean minded nomad
this raving Mad Man of Hyderabad

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