Friday, September 16, 2016

My photography is awakening the Soul of Life

I shot these on my mobile phone beneath the Lalbaugh flyover I was not sure whether I should use my camera in the rains it was not much when I reach Lalbaugh at 7 am I had no protection no umbrella .
And I shot these people asleep mostly hawker families also the pilgrims who slept over to take the last look darshan of the Lord .
I felt one with them I had been coming for the visarjan for many years I normally shoot alone but this time I gave in to a friend Ravi Shankar and ardent student of photography..I had shot a few events with him and we shared a comfort level.
I don't shoot pictures as picturs or as blogs and if you called me a blogger I would puke all over my shirt front I renounced blogging I am a humble story teller and I have always shot a storyboard a filmy influence as I have been connected on the periphery to cinema and this cinematic influence shows on what I showcase as poetry of life .
And eventually the videos I shot and o the pictures I shot as a narrative will become a complete slide show and video on You Tube .
I try to shoot video but it is not always possible ...but I shoot my stills that they will roll out as a video .
I shot the visarjan on two cameras I have been using both Canon 60 D and 7 D since 2011..but I hardly use the 7 D I have over used the 60 D .
At the moment all my pictures are bring uploaded at Flickr ..I would never post a series at Facebook but a few I also find Twitter more effective than Facebook at Facebook I post for friends at Twitter and Flickr publicly .
Yesterday I shot less I was troubled by one camera ...and I move out the moment light fades as I hate using Flash .
My legs are in bad shape but it was worth the effect .
I can talk with all of you here at Facebook but can't do the same on Flickr .
This will be copied pasted at Flickr .