Monday, August 29, 2016

The Divine Hospitality at Dzongrilla ..

Be it Mr Danny Denzongpa or his rockstar son Rinzing Denzongpa ..if you are called to their house even if you don't ask tea cookies dry fruits will be served to you and this tradition has not changed since the first time I entered Dzongrilla to make Mr Danny's costumes for Mr Raj N Sippys Boxer produced by Mithun da .
Hospitality a d humility are the essence of this household .
Ever since Mrs Danny entered Dzongrilla as Danny jis wife from that day till present times I have always got a bouquet of flowers on my birthday and I bow to this divine lady ..she has given us the greatest respect I never found this in any house I have visited of actors in Bollywood .
I used to see Rinzing when he was a toddler watching me in my kinky attire but never scared of me ..
He is an impeccable humble and loving human bring he calls me Firoze Bhai he treats me with the highest respect .
Thank you Rinzing you bought tears to this old man's eyes serving your father since 30 years ...a very long journey .
Om Mani Padme Hoon.