Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy Morning from Bandra

Start of a new day ..monsoonal melancholy
 clouds dressed in gray
Bandra is where I stay's Mumbai
Now once it was exhilarating Bombay
Those beautiful 60 s memories have
Been expunged died away a few
Minutes from now Tennis I shall go
Play but first offer my pictorial tribute
To my Garbage dump bow my head
To the Lord of the Flies I shall pray
Shoot pictures on the way ..if you have
A camera don't let it rust shoot something
 Today even on your mobile
Phone it is original content not Fucked
Spammy Amen posts that you pathetically
 display...Grow up Fuck sake
Like a precocious child on Facebook
Windmills as Giants you should not slay
Souls made of poetry feet made of clay