Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Facebook Friends List

posted this evening at Facebook

Today I sat and pruned my Facebook contacts ,,I normally added a person if we had a mutual friend ,,,I had over 2880 people on my list ,,,most of them added me without reading my profile ,,
And all my posts on Facebook is for Friends only ,,I post Hiduism Shiasm Sufism Christianity Hijras Beggars etc..I dont want to be trolled by Faceless Facebook members ,,,so I post with due moderation ... the same post on my FB timeline is public at Flickr Twitter and Blogspot ..
However I added a lot of people I had no interactions with them I did not even know them so I decided to politely remove them..
I have decided I will only add people I know .. people with photography as a hobby .. I am not going to add people because of the different hues I shoot spiritually ,,
I dont want 5000 friends the few I have I am happy with them .. as I type with one finger I have very few on my feed .. I also request people to mute me on Twitter and remove me from their feeds on Facebook..
But I post less links here ...and my Twitter is connected to Flickr and from Twitter my post reaches here too.
So please forgive me ,,,if you read this on my Flickr timeline ,,it was done as an afterthought and not as part of any evil agenda ,,
I also removed the few ladies on my list I am a 65 year old man a grandfather and my romantically philandering days are over for good..
And I always need a picture to tell my story ,,, and the picture is of my favorite haunt ,,,, Bandra Talao..