Thursday, June 2, 2016

Do You Want To Be A Photographer Or A Storyteller

I started of like most of you as an analogue photographer but strictly hobbyist ,,,and never an iota of a thought about making money or having photography as my second source of income ,,
I was happy as a high end tailor or Darzi...
Once the digital era made its advent I had no option but to learn a bit of internet and photoshop , I paid Rs 4000 at that time but typed with one finger .I still type with one finger ,,
I came as a novice to Buzznet in 2005 and thus began my tryst with blogging as Photographer No1 ...I had to write a lot of description on my pictures as the huge audience was predominantly American .. but my grammar was horrid , I used large font and my earlier efforts at blogging were atrocious but in word form but not in the intensity of my images ,,,I shot the unseen India ,
Customs Rituals traditions Hinduism in its humility and glory , Sufi body piercing , Shiasm more of blood and self infliction known as pictures in retrospection were shock and awe ,,
I began shooting the transgender I began writing slam kind of rhyming poetry ,,,
It was at this time 2006 I cam to know the meaning of racism , racist attacks on me by white poets and hacking of my Shia blogs with nudity and porn images .
I finally moved to Flickr in 2007 I used Flickr as a blog platform only , blogging with pictures as original content .
It was in 2014 that after joining Ello .. I saw a change I met David Seibold I liked the way he added stories to his artistic pictures I got highly influenced by him... I began to start thinking as a storyteller and I began storytelling at Facebook..
I was certainly not happy telling a story in a single frame I had a huge repository of words ...wanting to come out from my system I decided to tell my stories through video...and in one year I shot over 1200 videos ,, till date 12 million views ...simple stories ,,
I just started editing a bit at You Tube ,,,and I started to become disembodied from the soul of my picture ,,, and thanks to David I dont have his gift of narration but I am trying to improve ,, and now to my new story of a crippled dreamer ..2 years of Modijis so called Progress and Development have not touched him yet ,,the second hand wheelchair is a gift from a good samaritan,,
I will shoot his video make him talk to me ,, he is the new Muslim beggar of Bandra Bazar Road.
Incomplete stories too come back to haunt me and a kind God sees that I get another golden chance to tell it to you again.
The blogger in me hung himself from a fan he is still hanging a tale .