Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sadhus Are Cosmically Connected To The Poetry Of My Soul

This was shot at Bandra Hill Road and we kept meeting at the Bazar Road close to my house , he begged  but always had a smile on his face ,,unlike a few who curse and grumble if you dont pay them ,, this Sadhu was pleasant and cordial, he touched my head blessing me when I gave him money ,,and mostly I am in a hurry so I hardly ever chatted with him , but he guessed we both lived in a mystical world away from buses rickshahs the urban chaos the high decibel honking,, at this corner near Globus .

And I never compose my pictures I just shoot mostly with my mobile phone , and I stopped carrying my camera on the streets unless it is a specific religious feast or event ,

There used to be a malang from Bandra , I was very close to him , he recited Sanskrit sholkas when he entered a Hindu shop for alms and Arabic sura when he  entered  a Muslim shop , I always shot him on Eid ,, and than he disappeared last I shot him in 2011 I think..we are travelers we met at this cosmic tavern and than move on.. to the next tavern..

Now the Nasik Kumbh is over but I did not experience the spiritual bliss that I felt at the Maha Kumbh in Allahabad ,, this is my personal feeling I guess I missed the North India winter chill .. the ambiance ethos of Hope And Hindutva that touched me intensely ,,