Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Tryst With My Cosmic Fate As A Beggar

posted at FB
I meet a lot of people in real life simple souls ,and I shoot their pictures because I feel the camera brings them out of their shyness inhibitions ,,people get to see them and not just beggars ,or others that I prolifically shoot ,,ordinary people grandfathers holding their kids ..I meet so many people and I honor them through my camera .. for me this is India collectively living in peace and one stray incident of hate should not tarnish our relations with our neigbors our friends we should be thinking of joining hearts ,, healing souls ,,Ministers are mostly motormouths and media needs such incidents and motormouths to bring in the bucks ,,
I begged with a physically challenged person at Ajmer to help him out because people enjoyed seeing a colorful man more like a bawa with a camera and outstretched hands they gave me generously I gave it all to him.. for many years I made it a point to sit with him for an hour ,
And than one day he adds me on Whats Up I hardly use Whats Up and the next day on Facebook than I read his update which maligns abuses his wife for eloping with someone and leaving him with his two kids ,, I unfollowed him.. I was not even sure it is him or someone impersonating him.. so its crazy even kids I shoot .. tell me Uncle when will you post our pictures on Facebook.. and nobody has heard of Flickr ,, and one guy a vendor on the street asked me are you posting it on Twitter and all my Tweets are Flickr photo related .
All my Facebook updates are marked for Friends I decided not to appease the thirst of faceless Facebook folks ,, but I post all my stuff publicly at Twitter Flickr and Blogspot ,, the same stuff that I post here ,
I dont add people to groups as I dont belong to any group I dont send them fucked candy crush requests I dont poke people I dont send spam messages and I add people using my discretion.. I dont steal peoples pictures because Facebook legitimizes stealing through Share ,,,I dont get personal and above all I will never never never LIKE a post it is habit forming I simply comment ,,if I like it ,,
And these are early morning stray thoughts waking up to chaos and delusions on the Internet ,,