Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ali Shah Bhai.. Is Now A Memory Within A Memory

This was shot in 2009 Moharam in Mumbai  and I met Ali Shah Bhai this was his Sabil close to JJ Hospital and his family house , he offered me niyaz , his hospitality was sincere from the heart and he liked me though he was low profile never liked to be photographed but I was lucky I shot his pictures and these are memories woven within memories of Moharam..and I shot sets and storyboards ..I wanted my pictures to be seen as such , and this morning I had to go to town to help a dear friend buy a camera , he needed my advice so I took him to Reliable stores and after he had bought the camera I spent sometime at my camera club PSI.
From there I headed to Imamwada to pay my respect to late Ali Shah bhais brothers and family , but I met another friend Guddu near Moghul Masjid and he said the entire family is at Yari Road at Ali Shah Bhais house ,,
And there is his Teeja Majlis  tomorrow 11 October at Moghul Masjid ,, at 3 pm I think.. one needs to confirm before going .

So I returned home disappointed..and started searching for Ali Shah Bhais pictures in my Flickr archives till I found this old memory...within my own memory .