Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Sage Parrot Read My Cards ..

On the
 of Latur
once upon
 a time in
the distant past ,,,
a poet in love
battle scarred
the sage parrot
read my future
he pulled out
card after card
one card he
interpreted ,,
as both you
your muse
ill starred
she wont
ever come back
she has fallen
head over heels
with a rich retard
whose libido more
aggressive more hard
she gave her fickle
heart to him
that lucky blackguard
she has
rejected you back
in your poets junkyard
the second card he
interpreted ..from
the other one too
you have been barred
she has fallen for
the dude she met
in the churchyard
the lucky canard
no he is not our
saint bernard
the final third card
he rumbled on,,
taking me off guard
you will soon receive from
Nigeria Burkina Faso
 a good message
in a post card .. you have
won 86 million dollars
left by a rich widow ..whose
husband dickhead shakir
died in a plane crash all
charred .. you as next
of kin sharing the same
surname is your god
sent reward ..all these
crazy clothes you will
have to discard no
more walking barfeet
he slapped my back
with best regards
than he whispered
just take my mobile
number in case you
need me as your
able bodyguard
the mother fucker
ripped me of rs 500
for reading my fucked
luck and 3 cards