Friday, September 25, 2015

Myriad Moods Of A Street Blogger

All these frames were shot by a friendly photo journalist , most of them are endearing as they were as close to late Mr Anil Bhratiya as I was / he was a great fine art and press photographer an astute teacher and it was here at the Eid Namaz you would find him shooting pictures low profile and reticent .

He only talked to people he knew as I was a life member of his photography club NAPP  and had gone out with him on several outings he was very close to me ,,encouraging me guiding me and always ready to help.

This is one of the finest place for Eid Namaz photography . you can shoot from the skywalk provided you have a press card or from ground level down below ,, first time the cops were asking for identification even from senior photo journalists ,, and if the cops are new on the beat even God cant help you ..