Friday, September 25, 2015

Eid Al Adha Namaz 2015 Bandra Station Road

I left home early , to shoot the Eid Al Adha Namaz at Bandra Station paying respect to the garbage littered on the roads paying respect to the Bandra Police and their excellent Bandobast..I also paid respect to the few goats that looked at me enviously , waiting in a transit lounge hoping to catch the next flight to the Maker ,,..with a little help from the local butcher the only person in most demand in Bandra today tomorrow and day-after ..;lol

I walked to the Bandra station via the Skywalk as I was early I met ACP Sanjay Kadam sab the only police officer who is trim and fit not an inch extra on his body , we have known each other since a long time ,,when he and Mr Ahmed Javed Sab policed Girgaum Chopatty during the Ganesh visarjan almost 15 years back or more ,,much before Ahmed Javed Sab  became the  current CP of Mumbai Police .

The police were not allowing us to shoot from the skywalk but than they relented knowing that we were serious photographers and there were senior photo journalists too.

I shot less unlike past eids but   I did shoot a video.. after the Namaz I was surprised there were very few beggars I cut across Shastri Nagar slums and Bandra Slaughter house compound ,,

Before I reached home I told Mohomed Ali Bhai the owner of Mastan the wise goat to call me when he slaughters Mastan.. I have been very close to Mastan.. I want to shoot his last video before he shuts his eyes ,, appeasing the soul of Humanity ,

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Happy Eid Al Adha from the Beggar Poet of Bandra ..