Wednesday, September 30, 2015

At Lalbagh Chya Raja Pandal With My Dear Friend Vinay Parelkar

I was using two cameras  Canon 60D and Canon 7D ,, I had bought a flash too but never got to use and the bag I was  carrying was very heavy ...after Lalbagh Chya Raja moved out of the Pandal.. Vinay and I followed him from the back and than we got separated in the crowds at Lalbagh and finally met at Girgaum Chowpatty ..this is my last card of my Ganesha Visarjan documentary and after I have uploaded and posted the pictures at Flickr the series will end ,,

I might shoot the Durga workshops if I get time ,,my work is at a standstill I hope the Gods favor me  and I get back on track.

Vinay and I have been friends since we met first time at National Park outing of my Guru Shreekanth Malushte 20 years back and we have been good friends threw thick and thin.
We belong to the same camera club PSI Mumbai .