Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Pilgrims Progress ..#BeatDiabetes

My last meeting with eminent endocrinologist #DrManojChadha my sugar level was fasting 222 PP 391 he increased my insulin dose medication after 4 days my blood sugar level is F 134 PP 134 random .. #PDHindujaHospitalMahim I walk 2 hours

Beware of Olympic Bag Shop Parel They Sold me a Defective BackPack

Olympic Bag Shop Parel sold me a defective backpack that broke within 2 weeks. Beware of this shop that stocks #VIP #Safari #Skybags Their manager Nischal Kenia took me for a ride I had to buy a new bag at #Guwahati airport.

The backpack I bough from them #TOUGHARMYDOTCOM..