Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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I dont share my number at all . I dont wish to socialize with people I dont know Thank you for your comments ,, Blessings I am 68 years old you dont have to get personal with me in your comments ,,, Asking me whether I say Namaz,,,,,its certainly none of your business and please remember I am not an Islamic or a Wahabi or a Tabliki channel.. First change the mindset of those who recite namaz and suicide bomb innocent people change the mind of Jihadis and those that bombed churches in Sri Lanka. Namazis across the borders killing our jawans soldiers killing Shias Hindus Sufis other minorities ,, I am lucky I had good parents a good upbringing ,,,and yes I learnt my religious beliefs at home and not in a dark dungeon prison cell of a Madrsa ,, So find some other soft target ,,


About Photographer No1 Firoze Shakir Street Poet of Bandra

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The One Leg Crane

At home he leaves his brain
He shoots with his heart
Using his camera as a
Weapon of mass
He trains.. He shoots hope
People insane.. Follower of

This brick in the wall was shot
By @magic_eye...a eye humane

My father said we were #MogulPathans mother's family was Shia Syeds.
Her father was Daroga Nabban Sab descendant of poet Mir Anis. Pata Nala Lucknow.
My father Mohomed Shakir made Bombay his home early 50s.

The grass is not always green on the other side..
Humility is a better option than Pride.
Let Compassion Kindness be your Guide in a world that is split open wide religion should not be the cause for this great divide..

Happy morning to all of you from Bandra..

I am a puppet on a string
I fly on borrowed wings..

God pulls the trigger of my camera.. The God of FotoThing.
To bring down Goliath all
David needed was 5 stones in a sling..
The Camera is just a means
To an end but you are the actual King..

Oh Death thy Sting

Just another Brick in the Wall
A Turkish cap that makes him tall..
Half his life he drank but
Never crawled
Hated for being a #Sufi and a
#Shia by venomous
Faceless without balls

The Art of Forgiving is greater than the Art of Living..
And a heart that is always giving.

Today I pay tribute to my bosses
I owe them a lot.
Mr Arjun Daswani Charagh Din
Mr Andre Kapoor Mrs Munni Gupta Burlingtons Taj.
Dr Hamed Al Riyami Muscat
HE Mohomed Musa Muscat
Mr Kishore Bajaj Badasab
Mr Anil Ambani Mudra
Mr NitinManmohan Neha Arts
God bless them all

My Roots
Are in India
I am just an
My parents
Life in a Bombay
Slums bore fruit
My upbringing
My love for
My pictures
My videos
Hindu Muslim amity
To my cultural
My humble tribute
A rose by another
Name.. Is a Rose
The only Truth
I am a Shia
A Sufi
An Aghori
A Shaolin
Diverse that
My soul soothes.
My pictures talk
While I remain.
Silent mute..
You with your
Hateful comments
Can't dislodge
Me from my path
Of peace my Route
Shivas Serenity
Rams Retrospection
Krishna's Flute
Brahma Vishnu
Mahadev on the
Poetry of my Soul
Flowers of salvation

But no