Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Views Till Now Today On My Flickr Photostream 97442

I sometimes wonder what is there to see on my timeline here at Flickr as my most viewed set Hijras of India over 22000 images is disabled from public view including the set on Crossdressers .

I have used my photography as an instrument of knowledge to show you an India that hardly anyone shoots .I shoot simplicity humility and hospitality of India ,

As a photographer I am a Shia Sufi Hindu Christian but not an atheist ,..I would love to go to Lumbini shoot Buddhism but I dont have the resources ,,

My next trip is to Khamakhya hopefully ..

I have not upgraded my camera since 2011 ,,

However I love to shoot videos ,,stills dont turn me on as videos do..videos take you into the heart soul of what you are shooting it gives you euphoria sense of drama exhilaration lol some cheap thrills too.. and You Tube is a great search engine though I am a Flickr user ,,viewers hardly come here ,,so I use You Tube as my archive of moving images ,

I hate the fucked up You Tube editor I use Windows Movie Maker You Tube is inching towards 7 million mark....I  have about 6300 subscribers .

I thank you all in a way I learnt my craft here at Flickr from all of you each one of you have contributed to my latent creativity ,,once in a while it does bubble up...

I am not as talented as most of you are but my dad always said ..dont ever get tired of learning you will always be a drop in the ocean.

This ocean called Flickr is vast and unfathomable .

The entire Madraswadi Worli residents are watching my Flickr stream ..I shot their Mother Goddess Marriammen and her feast 21 June 2017

Thank you