Friday, May 26, 2017

She said Hold Your Nose

the tragedy of being
firoze god almighty
has shut all doors
a tennis malang of
bandra once a well paid
well laid corporate whore
in a high end fashion store
a single occupation profession
others he had no money to
explore ..garbage as fine art
wont ever seem like an eye sore
humility is lifes essence and core
what god has given is sufficient
why ask for more and implore
said dear friend Meld hold your nose
a visual reawakened the soul of my
poetry ..the mind has so many words
in this computer store ..a lion is a lion
because of its roar ..sometimes a boat
sails on water it needs no oars ,,
photography for me has now become
a domestic chore ..shooting pictures
evolve as stories through revolving doors

this is my 10467 poem at @flickr